Monthly Archives: October 2014

Bowen for headaches

I’ve seen good results with people reporting relief from migraines after Bowen treatments but I’m delighted with the results from a client who came to me this summer suffering from hemicrania continua.  This is a continuous headache on one side and this lady has been suffering from this condition for 10 years.  She has had all the tests going but nothing has shown up and she had been reduced to taking Ibuprofen every 4 hours to try to give her some relief and has had to give up work.

Following a course of weekly followed by fortnightly treatments, we are now stretching appointments to 3 weeks apart.  The headaches are still coming, but now my client is generally taking pain relief every 7-8 hours, and on occasion even stretching to 10 hours.

You never know what the outcome will be, but Bowen continues to surprise and delight me.