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Exciting Progress in the Garden

I have been really busy with therapy clients and making lots of jams and chutneys for our Ynysymond Preserves business but still finding a bit of time to get out in the fresh air.

We now have 6 new additions to the family, in the shape of Blackrock chickens which we hope will keep us and some neighbours supplied with eggs.  They have been with us 2 weeks now so hopefully they will start leaving us presents before too long.  I think they will be due their first photo shoot this weekend so watch this space.

The most exciting thing to be coming up though is our first honey harvest – it won’t be huge, but really looking forward to what promises to be a messy, sticky process over the next few days, fingers crossed.

Preserves with our own garden produce

At last the garden is starting to produce more lovely fresh produce to include in our homemade jams & chutneys.

Todays Spiced beetroot and orange chutney includes 3 different varieties of beetroot as well as our own onions.  Despite making another batch of spicy courgette chutney, there are still more courgettes waiting to be picked.

Ynysymond Preserves

It was always part of our plan when we moved to Wales to start selling some of the jams & chutneys that we make but 11 months in we hadn’t made a start.  An invitation to have a stand at the local school fete spurred us into action and we have now made our first sales.

As we wanted to do things properly, we waited until the local Environmental Health Officer had been out to inspected our kitchen, 5 stars – great start!

Jars and lids were ordered and initial recipes decided; we limited ourselves to 7 lines for our first foray.

Our first stand was a great success with 4 of the 7 lines quickly selling out.  We already have a couple of other events on our radar – watch this space.

As well as selling at local events, we will also be selling from home and I will be advertising in my treatment room as well.  Exciting times.