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New adventures

After 3 1/2 years working from a treatment room at home, I have finally taken the plunge and found separate business premises. From Monday 10th April, I will be working from the Cross Community Centre in Pontardawe.
I’ll still be offering Bowen fascial release technique and reflexology but in a great central location. There are several car parks within a short walk and disabled parking just opposite the Centre. For those with mobility restrictions, there is a lift to get to my room and there is a disabled wc on the ground floor as well as other wc facilities near my room.
Why not come down to say hello and then take a stroll around Pontardawe where we have a great range of independent shops and cafes.

Bowen for Hay fever

Millions of people in the UK suffer every year from seasonal allergic rhinitis (commonly known as Hay fever).  Many sufferers rely on anti-histamine medication to try to reduce the severity of sneezing, streaming nose and itchy (panda) eyes but this medication can also have side effects.

Did you know that increasing numbers of people are turning to Bowen therapy as a natural, safe alternative?

Why not give Bowen a try this year and see how it could make a big difference to your summer?

Just contact me to book a course of 3 treatments a week apart prior to the time of your normal hay fever season (this can vary by person dependent upon the pollens that affect them).


New Year, New You!

banner1Did you make any New Year resolutions this year? What about deciding to take control of your body and sort out all those niggling issues that stop you from making the most of life, be they aches & pains, menopausal problems, migraines, stress or one of many other problems that are holding you back. Make 2015 the year that you finally take charge. Contact me for an appointment to see how reflexology or Bowen therapy can help you take that first step.

Woman Sleeping

Get yourself ready for Christmas

Yes, It’s nearly with us again.

For many of us, it is the busiest and most stressful time of year, christmas presents to buy, food to prepare, family visits to arrange & of course the work Christmas party to get through.

With all this going on, it can be a real nuisance when we feel tired, the wet weather and short days are getting us down and then to cap it all, we come down with a cold or bug.

Why not take time out to make sure you are ready for the festive season and book yourself some reflexology or Bowen Therapy.  You still have time to get a course of 3 treatments in, or at the least, to have one treatment to really chill out.

Ring or e-mail to make an appointment – day and evening appointments are available.

Bowen for headaches

I’ve seen good results with people reporting relief from migraines after Bowen treatments but I’m delighted with the results from a client who came to me this summer suffering from hemicrania continua.  This is a continuous headache on one side and this lady has been suffering from this condition for 10 years.  She has had all the tests going but nothing has shown up and she had been reduced to taking Ibuprofen every 4 hours to try to give her some relief and has had to give up work.

Following a course of weekly followed by fortnightly treatments, we are now stretching appointments to 3 weeks apart.  The headaches are still coming, but now my client is generally taking pain relief every 7-8 hours, and on occasion even stretching to 10 hours.

You never know what the outcome will be, but Bowen continues to surprise and delight me.

Bowen does it’s thing again

New client booked in for 3 treatments & on the 1st appointment really struggled to get her leg up onto the couch as she was in so much pain.  When she came for her 2nd appointment she reported that she had felt really ill after the 1st treatment and had gone to bed for a couple of hours. However, 3 days later she was completely pain free and had even managed to start running again. 3rd treatment cancelled as unnecessary, happy client with happy bank balance!

Chronic pain

Delighted to have 2 new Bowen clients starting this afternoon, both with chronic pain issues, one with her hip and one with her back.  It’s amazing how often the gentle moves of Bowen start to bring relief when other therapies and treatments haven’t helped.  Clients can normally tell within 3 treatments if Bowen is going to help them, so not too much pain in the bank balance either!